Bottega Veneta Resort 2018 /

Johnny's Warehouse

MILAN, MAY 22, 2017


After so many highly caffeinated, early weekend mornings watching Tomas Maier’s Milan Fashion Week collections for Bottega Veneta, the chance to

witness this Cruise collection shoot proved a satisfying contextual twist. The location lacked the luxuriousness of Bottega Veneta’s HQ—it was a studio

alongside some soccer pitches on the outskirts of the outskirts of town—but the consolation was fresh insight into Maier’s practice and enthusiasm. As

models including Binx Walton and Joan Smalls back-and-forthed between the racks and the set, Maier said: “So, the Cruise collection.” Then with a tilt

of his head and a narrowing of his eyes, he added: “What does that mean, Cruise, right? We should rename that collection, because I think the customer

behavior has completely changed. Nobody buys clothes for some time…

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