The 50s

This is a beautiful blog post about the timeless nature of 1950s fashion…

If the year is any indication that the 50s fashion has been one of the iconic style then and now, need I say more?  It has consistently been a favorite inclusion to some of the top designer’s seasonal collection for years. It is more than just a trend. It’s timeless.

Check out some of our favorite styles from the streets to the red carpet and the runway!

Click on the links to see where you can buy them new and pre-loved.The 50s.001 The 50s.002 Marni cotton tiered skirt / undetermined / Jill Stuart Crop top and Daniela Stephanie butterfly hip skirt new / Viva Aviva magnolia crop top new and Joa striped skirt new

The 50s.003 The 50s.007 Check out the complete collection here and inquire for a made to order dress here

The 50s.004The 50s.006The 50s.005Check out the complete collection and get in touch with their personal shopper here

I do not own any of the images on this…

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