Porcelain Culture / TIMELESS

This is a beautiful blog post concerning ” Porcelain Culture ” throughout fashion history…


Delft,  most commonly known as the blue and white pottery, started at Netherlands in the 16th century.  But only in the last 45 years has its design inspired fashion.

We’ve seen it in Valentino’s collection as photographed by Henry Clarke for Vogue in 1968 (seen below) and countless other sightings thereafter.Porcelain Culture.007

Check out some of our carefully handpicked ensemble from clothing to statement pieces and see why the porcelain culture will stay.

Click on the links to see where you can buy them new and pre-loved. Porcelain Culture.001Porcelain Culture.002Porcelain Culture.003Porcelain Culture.004Valentino delft beaded dress / Valentino delft maxi dress / Valentino flare skirt silk-blend dress new and pre-lovedPorcelain Culture.005Porcelain Culture.006Emilio Pucci neoprene crop top and trousers / Emilio Pucci baby doll dress / Valentino flare skirt silk-blend dress new and pre-loved / Vanesa Bruno coat / Ted Baker London luceey pumps new


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